Saturday, December 10, 2011

Night photography

I've started to take a course and I hope my next posts will reveal improvements on my photographer skills.
Here we go with one of the first exercises: Night photography


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Even more pictures!

Here you have my favourite pictures from the second day away from home, first day in Macedonia :)

These are pictures from the first day in Ohrid :)
I wanted to post the best pictures I've taken, chronologically, but as you see I post each time more rarely, so maby blogging it's really not for me :P

Thursday, July 24, 2008

More pictures!!!

Now a few words are needed..
I will post pictures chronologically so you could get an idea of how great Ohrid, ISUM and all this trip was..

I will start with Sofia, our first stop :)

This is the place from where I've sent you the first e-mail :

It looks like in Sofia they have free internet in many public places.. very European.. Good to you people!

This is of course the mosk :

It was nice to see this in Sofia :)

And this is St. Alexander Nevski monumental cathedral..
It is built on an area of 2600 sq.m., measuring 70x55 m... almost the biggest in Europe..

This is St. Nikolaj the Miracle Maker Church.. the Russian church in Sofia..

This time closer

Now some beautiful Sofia landscape :)

Sexy statue !

I bought my favourite souvenir from this open market :)

We are friends now :)